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About Us

House of Nurture & Growth

In 1997 a stepping stone was taken in order to provide the needy kids to nurture them and uplift them by ________. 

Today it has been over 30 years and we are still in fighting our battle of uplifting the needy kids.

Our Founder __________ has started this Nobel mission at very stage by providing free elementary education to those student who can't bear school fees, in addition to this he also provides free tuitions as well. To give his moment a legal face he registered Chitra Gupta Social Welfare & Education Society in 1997 with the registered key__.

​By the time passes we have introduced various sections in our society such as free medical check up, free medication, free food supplies, free degree course such as Engineering & elementary education programs to uplift these children's life. Though our society is doing it all for free to needy students but there are certain bills need to be cleared and we don't want to shut down this initiative due to any barrier, its been over 30 years we are serving the society and we need your support to help us to take our initiative to a new level.​ We request you to join our hands in our mission of uplifting the society and donate to our NGO as per your pocket to support the needy and show your thanks giving to all those, because of who you have reached here today. 

We believe every child can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide best education to anyone who want to study weather elementary or professional, make a career but can not due to certain barriers, we also aims to provide best health check up and medical treatments who is need but can't afford it. In order to do so we have established our school(s), professional college(s) and hospital(s).

Our Vision

​To uplift the current scenario of the society in term of medical services/treatments, health checkup and most importantly educational sector because the one who has money can get premium education event with or without having skills on the contrary the skilled without money can't even get elementary education and thus we need to uplift the needy.

Our Mission

Society Members

We are proud to share our esteemed pillars of this society

We Need Your Support Today!

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